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You want to equip you with a new tyres ? The new tire is too expensive ? For most construction machinery we have what you need ! Codimatra, your specialist in the purchase and sale of used materials and public works spare parts, has selected a wide range of used tyres with excellent value. We have a lot of rack emply with a lot of tires.

Buy your used tyres in CODIMATRA

A tyres faces difficult terrain and often similar to those used by the steel undercarriage. Public works tires are equipped with a wide strip of rubber resistant to abrasive rocky terrain, ferrous waste ... To avoid flat tires, tires for civil engineering machinery may not be inflated to the air. They are then filled with expanding foam or solid.

To know if your tyre is to change, Codimatra professionals give you some advice: the slide are they larded cuts? Are there a large difference of wear between the front and back axis? Indeed, asymmetric wear of tyres impact on the speed of the wheels rotation and thus creates an additional stress on the axle housing and the differential.

To satisfy all requests, even the most demanding, Codimatra offers a wide variety of heavy equipment tires, each with its own specificity, so you can find one that perfectly match your situation. We provide excavators, loader, rigid or articulated dumper tyres & wheel.

A large range of construction tires for sale at Codimatra

If you do not know the tyre size you need for your wheel excavator, or if you have any doubt about the product reference. The Codimatra's technical sales are available to guide you on the tyre model which is perfect for your construction machine. To do so, please contact our experts by phone at +33 (0)553985578, they will be happy to help you in your purchasing procedures or for further information. To purchase a quality used tire, think Codimatra!

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