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Your wheel excavator punctured ? Do you need new rims for your wheeled excavator ? Consult our parts category reserved for pneumatic construction machinery.

Used industrial tires for different machines

Codimatra has a large stock of used spare parts for all construction machinery commonly found in public works. However, this category of parts will only concern construction equipment that uses tires. First of all, we offer tires & rims for excavators, which are widely used for handling or sorting. Then we also offer tires for rigid or articulated dump trucks. Wheels are also available for wheel loaders of different tonnages. And the little something extra is that we also offer used tires for your compactors and telescopic handlers.

Civil engineering tires of different types and for different applications

The choice of tire type is very important and will depend on the soil you are working on and the application. First of all, we differentiate between the air-filled tire, also called inflatable, and the solid tire, also called rubber (due to its entire solid rubber composition). The advantage of the air-filled tire, which is found on almost all domestic vehicles, is that it absorbs shocks. Very useful on a public works machine that carries cargo or equipment such as a tire loader because it will be less shaken and lose less of the contents of its bucket, even when full. Much less useful for a material handler likely to roll on an object that can pierce it (glass, metal...), hence the advantage of the full tire (without air) on a backhoe equipped with a sorting clamp. In addition, the air is less affected by temperature and humidity. It is therefore necessary to choose the type of tyres according to the machine and the tasks to be carried out but also according to the environment (ground hazards, debris...). Michelin has already started manufacturing airless tires and puncture-proof Tweel rims that reduce the jolts that are present on a prototype Case loader, perhaps one day we will offer second-hand tires. There are also tires whose air has been replaced by liquid polyurethane foam which reduces the risk of punctures, but it remains to be seen whether this really reduces jolts.

You can find in our stock V-shaped tires for better wet grip or smooth tires for tire rollers.

Tires or tracks ?

When buying or renting a excavator, the choice between solid tracks and comfortable tires is difficult. As seen in the previous paragraph, this will depend on the application. Tracks are useful because of their strength, tiles are very strong and wear much less quickly than tires. The tyre will be easier to use because it will provide more maneuverability. The machine will be faster and more mobile. As the construction equipment operator knows well, turning with a chain shovel will always be more complicated than with a tire loader. The other disadvantage is that the tracks can damage the ground or the road on which they are located. This explains why the compact wheel excavator is favoured for urban work.

Used tires of different brands

Due to the different partnerships that brand manufacturers have, we have different brands of tires to offer you. Michelin of course, very present on CAT compactors and dump trucks, Bridgestone and Dunlop on loaders, and finally Goodyear on some of our used tire shovels. You can also find our rims from the different manufacturers.

Second-hand rims for different models and machine types

We offer rims for all machine models:

- Rigid or articulated trucks, dumpers
- Wheeled excavators
- Pneumatic compactor
- Wheel loaders
But also all tonnages, dimensions can vary according to the size of the models as well as the tires. For example 23.5x25 or 1000x20...

Having a strong rim is important because it is there to make the connection between the wheel hub movements and the tire. Those of public works machines are made of steel for greater strength, on the other hand, in civil applications there are aluminium alloy wheels that are not strong enough for public works machines !

What about the compactors' tire trains ?

Tire compactors have a front or rear tire train depending on the type of compaction. The tire roller is used for road finishing and compacts the asphalt with its weight. It only uses smooth tires without ribs because its purpose is to effectively compact the asphalt without leaving traces. These sets of tires are staggered to compact more surface area and avoid creating piles, as is the case with the PS500, for example.

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