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Wheel shaft

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Is a wheel shaft noisy? A wheel shaft overheating? Did you notice an oil leak? It is probably a defective wheel shaft. We have what you need!

CODIMATRA, specialist in the purchase and sale of second-hand spare parts and public works equipment, has selected for you a complete range of wheel shafts compatible with most existing equipment. 

What is the role of a wheel shaft?

The wheels on the same axle are driven by a wheel shaft that engages in the planetary gears of the differential. Each shaft is protected in a bridge housing. The wheel shaft is immersed in grease, which is retained at the end of the bridge by a seal to prevent any leakage.

The weight of the TP machine is carried on the wheels through the wheel shaft and bearing. The motor is mounted in the longitudinal position at the front of the machine. The clutch housing and transmission are attached to the rear of the engine. Starting from the gearbox, a drive shaft provides torque to a differential and the entire bridge.

What are the main symptoms?

Noisy wheel shafts: badly positioned axle trumpet, deformed wheel shaft, play in the drive pinion....
Broken wheel shaft: improperly positioned wheel shaft, machine overloaded, improper use of the clutch.
Wheel shaft overheating: low oil level, inappropriate oil, incorrect bearing adjustment, differential gear set too tight. 
Noisy wheel shaft: low oil level, incorrect differential settings....
Oil loss: oil level too high, wheel shaft seals worn....
Our dedicated list of wheel shafts is updated daily so that each customer can find the right product for their machine.

CODIMATRA offers a wide variety of brands and models such as: Caterpillar, Doosan, Liebherr, Fiat Allis, Furukawa, Hyundai, JCB, Mecalac, Poclain, Volvo etc.

To help you choose the model of a wheel shaft you need, call on the expertise and professionalism of CODIMATRA's teams. 

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