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Wheel reducer

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You noticed an oil leak in your wheel gear housing? It is possible that your wheel gear is damaged. Codimatra is specialized in the purchase and sale of used spare parts and public works equipment, has selected a comprehensive range of wheel reducers compatible with most of existing machines.

The wheel gear is a piece in transmission family and which is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque transmitted to the wheels. This is an element that will impact the movement of the final part. In heavy machinery it is required to install wheel gears due to the mechanical stress and to the weight of the machine because engine power could damage differential, shafts and gearbox. Most earthmoving machinery on tyres or tracks are equipped with final drives which will reduce the movement speed. In contrast, construction machinery working on road construction are not equipped with wheel reducers.

However, if you do not regularly maintain your final drive, several problems may occur:

All gear wheels selected by Codimatra are manufactured by big brands such as Bomag, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Komatsu etc. Choosing your wheel gear will be primarily oriented by the make and model of your machine. The sales engineers are at your service to help you on the wheel gear you need. Contact them right now by calling 05 53 98 55 78 or request a quote directly online on our website.

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