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Transmission: the workings of mobility !

An integral part of the powertrain that forms the combustion engine assembly: the gearbox, the axles and the final reducers. The transmission transforms the energy of the motor into the force and speed of the machine's movement. Codimatra your company specialized in the purchase/sale of second-hand spare parts for construction equipment provides you with a complete range of transmission elements: wheel shaft, bridge housing, slewing ring, bridge, wheel reducer etc.

On a Volvo A 25D articulated dump truck, the gearbox is Powershift automated, i. e. the gearshift is carried out under load. There is no engine speed break when shifting up gear, ensuring the best possible traction regardless of the machine's payload and the driving terrain.

These gearboxes created by Allison or Caterpillar or even ZF, are very elaborate mechanisms:

Forward and reverse clutch
Hydraulic pump for gearshift control
Stacking discs between ratios
Electronic shuttle control module
All these components transmit energy from the diesel engine to the axles connected to the gearbox through the transmission shaft.  

The function of the axles is to ensure ground connection, support the weight of the machine and transmit the movement of the gearbox to the wheels.

Housed in the housing, it houses the conical couple. Finally, wheel reducers allow the drive force to be multiplied and distributed in the wheels.

But what about chain machines ? Is it the same design ? Yes and no, most bulls have an automated gearbox, but for chain loaders there may be hydrostatic transmissions, i. e. a hydraulic motor comes according to its direction of rotation to transmit the translation movement.

This type of transmission is also used on wheel excavators and small wheel loaders. Here too, it is possible to have a gearbox coupled to a hydraulic motor, as in the case of excavators on chains. Codimatra, through its Transmission workshop, has made a speciality in the renovation of reducers, gearboxes, bevel gears and orientation reducers.

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