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Is one of your tanks leaking or damaged ? Find our fuel tanks or hydraulic tanks for your construction machine.

Two types of tanks for construction machinery at Codimatra!

You can find two types of tanks at Codimatra. The most well known and indispensable for all used machines is the fuel tank. As on any vehicle, this tank is used to store fuel (it is also called a diesel tank). However, on construction machinery, it is much larger depending on the model. On a backhoe excavator, it is usually located at the rear under a hood cover, at the outlet of the tank there is the fuel pump and the fuel filter.

Then we also find the hydraulic tank, which is also essential to operate the entire hydraulic system. Whether it is a loader, shovel or dumper (the tipper cylinder is often used), any construction machine that has cylinders that require a large hydraulic tank.

The fuel tank of the machines : Off-road diesel only

You probably know this if you are a public works professional, all construction machinery runs on off-road diesel only but do you know why? The off-road diesel appeared later than the fuel used in our personal vehicles, in fact it is only 8 years old (it entered the market in 2011). It is called off-road because, as its name suggests, it is a fuel intended for construction, forestry and agricultural machinery. It has a red colour thanks to a tracing agent to control its use. Before the Off-road diesel, public works machines used fuel oil and in theory because it is illegal the off-road works on a domestic vehicle. So why do we recommend that you always use OFD ? Because in addition to complying with the Kyoto agreements, it is a fuel with better efficiency and less fouling for your engine. So take care of your construction machine with this fuel.

The hydraulic tank of construction machinery: an essential volume of oil for long work !

The oil tank is also called a Tank. We recommend that you always have a good oil level. First of all so that the pump does not suck in air and then so that it does not have to undergo level variations when using the cylinders. Like the fuel tank, the hydraulic tank can leak and be corroded. That's why we offer many replacement steel tanks. Many brands and models: Liebherr, Caterpillar or JCB. In addition to consulting the available oil tanks, you can also have access to all our hydraulic cylinders available on our fleet of construction machinery.

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