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Hydraulic steering pump

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Recently, you feel resistance in your steering wheel? Do you hear clacking in the direction? Your hydraulic steering pump may cause this malfunction. Our company specialized in the sale of used spare parts, CODIMATRA, offers you a wide range of used hydraulic steering pumps.

What is the role of the hydraulic steering pump ?

The steering pump will put the pistons of the cylinder of your power steering system under hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pump will therefore make it possible to amplify the forces that the operator will put to turn the steering wheel. This will allow for greater maneuverability of the steering. In short, the hydraulic steering pump is a real permanent assistance on our public works machines. It works when the engine is running. The steering pump can be variable depending on the speed.

When to change your hydraulic steering pump ?

As with any hydraulic fluid, debris accumulates and damages components over time such as the steering pump. The change of this assistance to the direction must necessarily be accompanied by a complete drain and a rigorous cleaning.

Any steering resistance to the load may be a sign of pump failure.

Our list of hydraulic steering pumps is updated regularly to meet all your needs, even the most specific. If you have any doubt about the compatibility of a hydraulic steering pump with the model and the age of your equipment, CODIMATRA technicians have the necessary expertise to guide you and help you to finalize your estimation

The hydraulic steering pumps will be shipped to you as soon as possible so that your professional activity is not penalized by a possible breakdown. Contact our teams by phone on +33 553 985 578 so that they can advise you. On the other hand, if you have found the product you need you can apply for a quote directly online. The experts of CODIMATRA undertake to reply to you as soon as possible.

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