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Does your compactor ball no longer vibrate? The vibration is irregular? We have what you need! CODIMATRA, specialist in buying and selling used spare parts and public works equipment, has selected for you a complete range of hydraulic vibration motors compatible with most existing models.

What is the role of the hydraulic vibration motor?

This type of motor is installed in the roller or cylinder of a compactor. It will emit a vibration in order to reinforce the effect of the compaction. Several frequencies are possible to modify the final rendering.

The first compaction effect comes from the simple mass of the vehicle which creates a static pressure on the ground. This static pressure is related to the mass, the width and the contact surface on the cylinder. The second effect a compactor will provide is the shock effect. This constitutes a second aptitude for certain so-called vibrating compactors. Too much vibration can damage the surface to be compacted, so it is important to adjust the frequency of the vibrations.

It is therefore essential to have a vibrating hydraulic motor in perfect condition in order to carry out a quality compaction work without destroying the aggregate and without creating a bump on the coating.

Original vibration motors at Codimatra

Our dedicated list of hydraulic vibration motors is updated daily so that each customer can find the product that fits perfectly to his machine.

CODIMATRA offers a wide range of brands and models such as: Caterpillar, Doosan, Liebherr, Fiat Allis, Furukawa, Hyundai, JCB, Mecalac, Poclain, Volvo etc.

To help you choose the model of hydraulic vibration motor you need, call on the expertise and professionalism of the CODIMATRA’s teams. They are at your disposal to answer all your questions or for any additional information.

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