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Hydraulic travel motor

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You noticed a leak in the casing of the advancement hydraulic motor? The engine runs only in one direction? Whether for a bulldozer, a track loader, a compactor, motorgrader, scraper, wheel excavator, wheel loader or an track excavator, we have what you need! CODIMATRA specialized in the purchase, rebuilt/reconditioned and sale of used spare parts and equipment for public works, has selected a complete range of travel motors compatible with most existing models.

What is a hydraulic travel motor ?

The mechanical energy of the engine of your machine is converted into hydraulic energy throw a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic progress engine connected thereto will convert this energy into mechanical energy to drive wheels.

A advancement hydraulic motor thus operates with a fluid under high pressure but with a relatively slow flow rate. This Is the increasing fluid pressure which is the energy transmission factor. However, a fluid circulating in multiple hydraulic components and under high pressure will lead to an elevation of the temperature. Therefore, we find in our Public Works machines a bypass cooling system for cool and clean the fluid via a filter. The travel motor is a part of final drive or track motors.

With time, the advancement hydraulic motors show signs of weakness. The bearings are tired, the serration is wear, significant seeps appear ... This can be extremely annoying when using your machine, or even causing its stopping. Do not let you be surprised! If you find after your maintenance control any alarming sign on your hydraulic motor progress, contact CODIMATRA.

A large range of travel motors at Codimatra

Our list dedicated advancement hydraulic motors is updated daily so that each customer can find the product that perfectly matches his machine.

CODIMATRA offers a wide variety of brands and models such as: Caterpillar, Doosan, Liebherr, Fiat Allis, Furukawa, Hyundai, JCB, Mecalac, Poclain, Volvo etc.

To help you on the choice of advancement hydraulic motor model you need, call on the expertise and professionalism of CODIMATRA teams. They are at your disposal to answer all your questions or for any further information.

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