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Frame & Counterweight

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Do you have a damaged frame ? Are you looking for a solid used frame for a particular application? Need a counterweight or a mass as well ? Consult on this page all our second-hand frames & counterweights available !

Frames of different types at Codimatra

At Codimatra, we differentiate between several types of frame on our website for greater clarity: top and bottom. The top frame corresponds to the upper part of the construction machine. On a tracked or pneumatic excavator, this is the part that is placed on the slewing ring. On top are the cabin, and the blocks that can accommodate all the vital components of the machine: engines, pumps. It is on the high frame that all the equipment such as boom are mounted. Not to be confused with the frame of the cab that we prefer to call the cabin structure.

And we also prefer to use the term low frame because it includes frames designed for wheel excavators that accommodate parts such as stabilizers and bridges. But also the frame corresponding to the tracked excavators (often called undercarriage) in the shape of an X which are designed to accommodate the entire chain undercarriage, sprockets, idler wheels... The common point between the upper and lower frame is that they both accommodate the slewing ring with the rotating joint in its centre.

Frames of many brands and models

We bring in many tracked and wheeled excavators every year at Codimatra. That's why we have the undercarriage of many models. For example, find the high frame of Volvo excavators such as the EC180BLC. Or take advantage of the used undercarriage of an R964 model from the internationally renowned German brand Liebherr. We have one of the largest spare parts fleets in Europe with frame from Komatsu, Case and of course Caterpillar.

Second-hand frames at the best price

You will always find second-hand spare parts at Codimatra. Thanks to our deconstruction teams, we take the machine parts we buy and offer them as spare parts for your excavator, dump trucks or compactors. All our frames are therefore available second-hand.

Used counterweights for more stability !

The counterweight is a part that is important on a wheel excavator or crawler excavator. Although it is not a technical part by its nature, its weight and position (at the rear of the machine) gives it the heavy task of bringing more stability to the machine that lifts heavy loads with its equipment at the front. It could be classified as a bodywork part because of its composition and the protection that provides it (close to a rear bumper) but it is often essential for tasks that require a high lifting force. Indeed, it is necessary to apply an opposite force to prevent the machine from turning over. For more stability on a wheel excavator, you can find stabilizers equipped with stabilizer cylinders and also a blade that is installed at the front of the machine.

A wide range of counterweights for all types of machines at Codimatra

The counterweight is not only a part reserved for excavators, for the same reasons of stability it is found on wheel loaders. But also on a compaction machine, for example a Caterpillar PS300B pneumatic roller with lateral counterweights. But in the case of the compactor, we will speak rather of mass because the weight is not there to exert an opposite force but to add a mass to a machine whose purpose is to compact the ground so that it is always more effective. We have counterweights of excavators of different tonnages, more or less heavy. If you want more details, contact our spare parts department to find out which counterweights are compatible with your machine.

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