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You found that for your construction work a long stick would be more suitable? A handling stick transform your wheel excavator in industrial handling machine. For most construction machinery we have what you need!  Stick backhoe, stick telescopic, Stick excavator, stick loader, wheel loader... we have all what you need! Codimatra, your company specialized in the marketing of spare parts and public works equipment, offers a wide range of quality stick at the best price.


What is a stick definition ?

The stick support equipment such as bucket or counter. The stick can be short or long. The first will be adapted to demanding work such as excavation or demolition. The other will be most suitable for lifting pipes and nozzles for dry and wet work network, for example. The inside of the arm is often exposed to impacts with rocks and excavated materials. Protective slabs can then be welded, but sometimes it is necessary to replace the stick.

On smaller equipment, such as backhoes, the stick is equipped with a telescopic part which is often referred to as the extando.

We recognize an arm loading equipment stick at its curve and elongate shape. It is often equipped with a lifting hook or a plate for hydraulic clamp.

A large range of stick at Codimatra

Codimatra professionals offer stick from leading market brands such as Bell, Case, Caterpillar, Dynapac, Euclid, Kobelco, New Holland etc. Find on the site sticks as is or repainted which will allow you to adapt your construction machine. If you hesitate on the choice of the stick modelyou need, the Codimatra specialists possess the necessary expertise to guide you and to complete your request pricing. To do so, contact immediately our team by phone at +33 (0)553985578. They will be delighted to inform you about the reference that is perfect for the brand and model of your equipment. For the purchase of a quality hydraulic distributor, trust Codimatra.


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