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Since sometimes you have seen a crack on your boom wing box? A crash have occur and the boom of your machine is twisted? Or you are looking for an offset boom ?. For most construction machinery we have what you need!  Whether for a backhoe, telescopic, track excavator, wheel excavator... we have all what you need! Codimatra, specialised in purchase and sale of occasion spare part and public works materials for professional offer a large range of mono boom and deport boom. 

What is a Boom in the lexical field of public works ?

The boom is the major structure of your track excavator. This part support the arm and the bucket and resist to the wrenching force during the digging phase. Made of strong steel slab as hardox 400, the bucket is in the shape of crate. That what make it strong but let it light. In factory, weld robots assemble and weld components together with tolerance neer to micron!

 Your machine equip with deport boom is hard to sale on the occasion market? Make it a good deal with Mono boom!

 You need a demolition equipment? Take a Mono boom for your levelling work.

A large range of boom at Codimatra

To purchase a boom, call up on Codimatra teams. They will be happy to answer and help you in choosing the boom you need, depending on the brand and model of your machine. Codimatra has a recognized expertise in the construction universe and a strong knowledge of the business and their specificities. Technical sales offer boom as is or painted. To request pricing or to get more information on the booms, contact without delay our professionals at this number: +33 (0)5 53 98 55 78. 

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