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The equipment: the work tool, the real versatility of the machine!

With the development of the ranges of construction machines, the appearance of hydraulic and mechanical quick couplers, it has become easy to transform your machine into a real tool holder. Codimatra, European leader in the sale and purchase of second-hand equipment and spare parts, offers you a wide range of equipment products for all your public works machines: arm boom, bucket, grader blade, etc.

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A shovel on medium tonnage chains today receives nearly 5 different pieces of equipment in its equipment supply. Equipped with medium and high pressure auxiliary lines, single and double acting, you can mount a hydraulic or fixed angled bucket, a earth moving bucket, a trenched bucket, a sorting clamp, a hydraulic hammer.

Mid-range wheel loaders, also equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler, can in a few moments allow you to handle bulk materials with a high dump bucket, then handle indivisible masses with a fork and fork carrier and finally use a sweeper with a hydraulic broom to clean your work area.

The equipment is not only what is used to work the soil or the material, it is also the configuration, the architecture of your material. You have an offset boom excavator and you can't sell it because this configuration is not very popular?

Codimatra can provide you with a one-piece boom for your model that is much more suitable for earthworks. Your activity has changed, you are moving towards handling, a long arm or a handling arm can be proposed and adapted to your equipment.

The blade of your bull has lived, but boiler making is expensive why not adapt a blade in better condition? Codimatra can offer you loader stretchers, connecting rods and bucket hinge bananas.

We probably have the right equipment for your application and machine. Codimatra a solution for any occasion!

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