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Is your machine making more noise? It is probably the muffler that is involved. We have what you need! CODIMATRA, specialist in buying and selling used spare parts and public works equipment, has selected for you a complete offer of mufflers compatible with most existing models.

What is the role of a muffler?

The muffler reduces the exhaust speed and therefore the engine noise. It acts as a chamber, crossed by several perforated tubes called submachine gun, all wrapped of insulating wool for acoustics.

 Between the engine and the final exhaust tip there can be up to 3 different mufflers which all aim to reduce the noise, consumption and pollution of our PUBLIC WORKS machines. With their big engines and their large number of hours in operation, the machines of PUBLIC WORKS pollute enormously. Fortunately, for several years, manufacturers are working to reduce the carbon foot print of their machines. Mufflers play an important role in reducing greenhouse emissions.

When to change your muffler?

A faulty muffler no longer properly reduces exhaust gas emissions and can also cause fuel to be over-consumed. Several clues to recognize a defective machine:

Our dedicated list of mufflers is updated daily so that each customer can find the product that perfectly matches his machine.

CODIMATRA offers a wide range of brands and models such as: Caterpillar, Doosan, Liebherr, Fiat Allis, Furukawa, Hyundai, JCB, Mecalac, Poclain, Volvo etc.

To help you choose the muffler model you need, call on the expertise and professionalism of the CODIMATRA’s teams. They are at your disposal to answer all your questions or for any additional information.

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