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Your gears are tired ? Is the overpressure valve broken ? No more air in the pneumatic system ? Did you notice any air leakage at the compressor ? We have what you need ! CODIMATRA, specialist in buying and selling used spare parts and public works equipment, has selected for you a complete range of compressors compatible with most existing models.

Several types of compressors at CODIMATRA?

Engine compressor: a different turbocharging of the turbochargers. A compressor is driven directly by the motor through a belt or chain. It will compress the intake air outside the engine to blow it into the engine. A solution that will deliver a lot of torque at low revs contrary to the turbocharger.

Air Compressor: Compressors provide supply air for the various elements operating with compressed air or more commonly called pneumatic equipment, such as compressed air brakes, control of mechanical gearboxes (clutch and passage Of the speeds).

Air conditioning compressor: If there is no fresh air at the outlet of your ventilation system on your TP machine, first check that you have enough gas. If this is the case, there is a good chance that your A / C compressor is defective.

Brake compressor: generally used on trucks and buses, we find these brakes on our machines of TP. It is a system consisting of air compressed braking and a supply system for other pneumatic components of the machine (gearbox management).

A wide selection of compressors at Codimatra !

Our dedicated list of compressors is updated daily so that each customer can find the product that fits perfectly with his machine.

CODIMATRA offers a wide range of brands and models such as: Caterpillar, Doosan, Liebherr, Fiat Allis, Furukawa, Hyundai, JCB, Mecalac, Poclain, Volvo etc.

To help you choose the compressor model you need, call on the expertise and professionalism of the CODIMATRA teams. They are at your disposal to answer all your questions or for any additional information.

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