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The combustion engine, the essential mechanical component of every construction machine !

Since its invention at the beginning of the 20th century, it has constantly evolved. Initially running on alcohol and then petrol, Rudolph Diesel with its injection engine allows the internal combustion engine to combine labour force, reliability and fuel economy by using diesel as fuel. Your company specialized in the purchase/sale of used spare parts, Codimatra, offers you a multitude of parts essential to the proper functioning of your engine: compressor, starter, alternator, silencer, fan, etc.

Initially single cylinder then twin cylinder, then depending on the applications and power requirements, the engines became the largest of the 16 V-shaped cylinders. Here too, the displacement, i. e. the displacement volume of the pistons, has been adapted to generate even more power and torque.

Today, a 65-ton chain excavator engine has 16 litres of displacement, while a city car has 10 times less displacement. However, for reasons of space and weight, it is not possible to design increasingly bulky engines. The engineers have designed power optimization systems.

First, the turbocharger increased the intake air pressure. With this in mind, the intake air cooler has made it possible to increase the volume of intake air by cooling it.

Injectors and injection pumps have become more and more accurate. The pumps were first rotating and then high-pressure with a common inlet rail: the famous "common rail".

Of course, the embraced electronics played a major role in increasing the power of the engines. Nowadays, electronic control modules of the ECM type record and manage several tens of thousands of parameters per second.

Less fuel, more power, flue gas recycling by EGR valve, Ad Blue additive for SCR systems, downsizing and tomorrow?

Some construction equipment already has electric transmissions, others for underwater applications have electric motors as well. The diesel electric hybrid is beginning to find applications at Caterpillar with its D7 E bull or at Komatsu with the HB 215 chain excavator

The diesel internal combustion engine has proven its robustness, reliability and economical operation. All that remains is to find an equally effective alternative to reduce our environmental impacts.

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