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Do you notice any electronics failures on your machine ? Consult all our used electronic parts available !

Used electronic spare parts found at Codimatra

At Codimatra, you will find in this category many spare parts for your excavator or loader such as the electronic control unit. We also have a large stock of joysticks, also called manipulators. A good electronic unit will prevent many short circuits and excessive battery wear. You will not find a battery at Codimatra because we specialize in used spare parts. However, you can find alternators in our engine parts family. Indeed, given their usefulness and their positioning on the machines, we preferred to consider them as an essential part of the engine. Also consult the available fuse boxes, they are essential for safety. You will also find printed circuits from deconstructed machines at Codimatra.

Electronic parts: parts that require a diagnosis

In order to have ever more precise controls and the evolution of on-board technologies, electronics is increasingly present in excavators and other construction machinery. This is why mechanics with electrical knowledge are increasingly in demand, for the repair of an electronic control unit (sometimes called electronic box) of a construction machine. Indeed, establishing a diagnosis of on-board electronics on public works machines requires knowing how to read an electronic diagram and having notions of capacitors and transistors. It is also necessary to know how to identify a transformer. The control and proper functioning of the electronics on a machine such as wheel loaders or construction machines is essential because it should not be forgotten that these machines are filled with oil to operate the hydraulic system, and unfortunately, a fire starts quickly.

Embedded electronics, which has become essential for certain applications

With the race for innovation from manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Liebherr and CASE, it is not uncommon to find more and more tools and electronic products requiring printed circuits. Not to mention back-up alarms or electronic voice alarms. Many electronic parts have appeared on public works machinery to facilitate the operator's work. The O&K motor grader, for example, is a machine that needs electronics to be as accurate as possible. The guiding equipment calculates the inclination and height of the blade to perform a custom work. There are also power guidance tools on bulldozers or a paver screed. And the presence of electronic components and resistance is not likely to stop, there are more and more safety sensors and information on the dashboards. Manipulators are increasingly ergonomic and construction machine cabs are increasingly supplied with tools designed to meet the needs of construction machine operators. Some machines are now equipped with GPS beacons to know their location on the site and their condition. Remotely operated bulldozer prototypes have already appeared. The future looks bright for developers of software for embedded technologies, all that remains is to make software that provides services while ensuring better safety for construction site and construction employees.

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