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The cylinders: the muscles of the machine !

As soon as there is a mechanical movement on our public works equipment, it is a cylinder that ensures the use of the power of the motor and hydraulic pumps. Codimatra, a company specialising in the purchase and sale of second-hand equipment and spare parts, offers you a wide range of cylinders: orientation cylinder, balance cylinder, tipper cylinder, tamping cylinder, offset cylinder, etc.


In the past, the low engine power and lack of efficient hydraulic systems limited a machine's functions to the basic principles of mechanics. Pulley, summary articulation winches were used for most mechanical movements.

As soon as the cylinders appeared, they quickly replaced winches and pulleys to become essential on hydraulic excavators for boom and pendulum movements, wheel loaders for steering, stretcher lifting and bucket dynamics.

The cylinders can be single-acting, they only receive pressure on a single movement. The return of the fluid is done by gravity as on the buckets of some trucks. For double-acting, the cylinder is supplied alternately either on the rod side or on the drum side, it is the most common cylinder on site equipment and allows all reciprocating movements to be created.

The cylinders and more particularly the cylinder rods are exposed to dust, debris of all kinds shocks with stones and soil. The dust cover seals make it possible to stop all these particles. However, after several hundred hours of use, these seals can crack and a leak will appear at the top of the cylinder head. Restoring an internal or external tightness of the cylinder remains a simple but imperative operation, because an oil leak on a hydraulic part is, like a human injury, an entry point for all types of pollutants.

These particles will start to travel in the hydraulic circuit causing cavitations, abrasions, impacts generating ever more pollutants, leading inexorably to the failure of a hydraulic pump, the blocking of a valve element, the icing of a drum or the scoring of a rod.

Chrome plated, the rod can be repolished, rechromed or replaced. An iced barrel can be surfaced again. The twisted or open rod eyelets will be unsoldered at Codimatra and replaced and welded with a core cord to the original rod or a new rod.

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