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Did you just have a stupid accident ? Is your cabin damaged ? Codimatra, your company specialized in the purchase/sale of second-hand equipment and spare parts in the construction sector, offers you a range of quality cabins, compatible with most existing models of public works machines.

The cabin is a bit like the driver's office, just yesterday the upper part of the cabin was an iron cage summarily arranged and glazed. Open to the four winds in summer, and freezing in winter. Today, the cabins are equipped with radio, air conditioning, heating and demisting systems. Correctly soundproofed, the cabs also protect the driver from falling objects or the machine turning over. The cabins are then called FOPS and ROPS (Fall Over Protection Structure and Roll Over Protection Structure).

The seats are not rudimentary!  Today they are multi-contoured seats with lumbar adjustments, heated and equipped with an electric suspension independent of the machine frame.

With the arrival of on-board electronics, the cabin naturally receives the electronic control modules.

The choice of your upper cabin will be mainly guided by the type of machine you own as well as its make and model. Codimatra's teams are at your disposal and will be able to answer all your questions about your chain train. Do not hesitate to rely on their know-how. You can contact them by phone at the following number: 05 53 98 55 78. On the other hand, if you have found the right model of train set directly on the Codimatra website, you can request a quote online. The technical sales representatives will answer you as soon as possible.

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