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Hydraulic cylinders: Machine muscles !

When there is a mechanical movement in our construction equipment , the hydraulic cylinders ensure the implementation of engine power and hydraulic pumps.

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8207 items

8207 items

In the past, low power engines and the absence of effective hydraulic systems left the functions of a machine based on basic principles of mechanics. Pulley, winches and summary joints were used for most of the mechanical movements.

At the time hydraulic cylinders appeared, they have quickly replaced the winches and pulleys, to become irreplaceable on hydraulic shovels, to ensure the movement of the boom and arm on the wheel loaders for steering, boom and bucket lift.

The cylinders can be:

  • Single effect: they then receive pressure in one movement, the return of the fluid by gravity, as on some dump trucks
  • Double effect: the cylinder input and output on two cylinder sides. This is the most current technology used on construction machines

The cylinders, particularly the cylinder rods are exposed to dust, debris, shock and friction; so dust caps help stop any foreign particles. Nevertheless, after several hundred hours of use, these caps can crack and leak, what appears at the top of the cylinder head.

Replacing an internal or external sealing actuator is simple but still important because an oil leak on a hydraulic part is, like a wound in a human body, an entry point for all kinds of intruders. These particles will then begin to move in the hydraulic system, causing abnormal use, abrasions and impacts generating other pollutants, inexorably leading to the failure of the hydraulic pump, blocking hydraulic valve element , icing of the barrel or the rifling of a rod.