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Over 40 years of experience in the public works sector

Why not try out CODIMATRA’s used spare parts when repairing or restoring your machine?

Ever since the business was founded, we have always prided ourselves on our quality. For this reason, we only buy machines with the CE marking (European Conformity), the majority of which from France. Over the years, we have bought modern equipment that has allowed us to build up a spare parts inventory that caters for the demands of our national and international clientele.  Our 36-strong proactive team of technicians are ready to share their expertise, ensuring that your experience with Codimatra leaves a lasting impression.

Over 40 years of experience in the public works sector

Over 40 years of experience in the used spare parts trade

The workshop used for the dismantling process

Dismantling is one of our main activities.  This methodical dismantling process includes selectively sorting the various parts. We have 6 specialist mechanics who dismantle over 150 machines every year.

The machines we receive are washed, drained of oils and other fluids which are then recycled along with batteries, then carefully taken apart.

We deposit the heavier components of the machines outside such as the body, booms, arms, counterweights, tracks, buckets etc. It takes roughly 2 days to completely dismantle a machine. 

The machine’s drivetrain will be taken to our 2500 m² indoor workshop which includes the internal combustion engine, gearbox, final drive etc. Then each component will be identified in our 1200 m² workshop dedicated to the dismantling of the machines, and then assigned an item code. This allows us to quickly pinpoint the products that our customers are looking for.

We are very environmentally aware, which is reflected by our 540 m² washing area equipped with two hydrocarbon separators.

The engine workshop

To cater for the growing demand for refurbished engines, we have 7 disassembly points complete with all the necessary tools. Our 6 engine mechanics assess and refurbish over 200 engines a year.  Each mechanic is a specialist on a certain brand, thus offering a higher level of expertise, which is passed on to apprentice mechanics.

Our engines ranging from 100 hp to 1000 hp are systematically tested on test benches. These tests are designed to evaluate whether the engines are in perfect working order whilst running, lasting 4 to 8 hours.


The hydraulics workshop:

In our hydraulics workshop, we handle 3 types of components. Our expert hydraulics technicians systematically replace the fragile parts to offer our customers components that are in perfect working order. 


  • Disassembly benches 4 and 7 metres long.
  • 700 bar, 50,000 Nm hydraulic wrench
  • 6,500 Nm pneumatic wrench
  • 70°, 300 bar cylinder test bench
  • Over 300 cylinders refurbished every year


  • One 2.5 tonne lift
  • 6 workbenches
  • 5 jib cranes (1 tonne)
  • A 740 m² dedicated workshop.
  • Reconditioning of gearboxes, reduction gearboxes, axles, etc.

Hydraulic components

  • 8 workstations equipped with jib cranes.
  • A 280 m² dedicated workshop.
  • Reconditioning of all types of hydraulic control valves, pumps and engines.
  • 1 grinding machine - 1 re-surfacing machine - 1 lapping machine
  • Test benches: A 3 hour-long test with 400 bar load capacity at 70°

The store

Our 50,000 items are kept in a 5,000 m² warehouse. This includes almost 10 Km of shelves and 8,000 spaces for pallets and box pallets. CODIMATRA’s massive collection of stock makes us Europe’s largest used spare parts dealer.


Shipping advice is a key part of the service we offer here at CODIMATRA. For every single order placed, we try to find the best delivery solution for each individual customer.  This includes evaluating the distance, weight, volume and the speed of transportation.  We will keep you informed of the whereabouts of your order, using real-time tracking, which also allows us to act quickly should any complications arise.

The Sales Department

4 technical sales representatives are available to answer your queries via the live chat, email or telephone. These experts who all share the same passion for construction machinery can advise, help and guide you towards the most suitable spare parts for your needs. By combining technical expertise with competitive prices, we offer a great alternative to buying new parts.