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The wheel loader: loading, handling and transportation

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The wheel loader is a typical machine; it stands out in all areas of construction jobs. We also have articulated loaders.

The specificities of wheel loaders 

Mounted on wheels, articulated thanks to a central pivot, equipped with a stretcher with parallel arms or a beam stretcher, equipped with a bucket with high discharge, it is suitable for loading large volume dump trailers, or for feeding cement works to hoppers, for example.

Equipped with XmineD2 tires, the wheel loader performs rock recovery work on the front of quarries, allowing the loading of rigid trucks. Equipped with foam-filled tires and a claw bucket, it can be used for handling sharp ferrous waste, for example.

The buckets can be of volume (measured in litres) and of various dimensions, from 0.5 m3 to 31 m3 from 1800 mm to more than 7000 mm. With a diesel engine up to 1500 hp and an operating weight of 200 tons, the biggest loaders are like their smaller cousins with a 4-wheel drive transmission.

The front and rear axles are equipped with submerged brakes. Powershift boxes allow the loader to move quickly with its load, making bulk transport one of the loader's functions.

The wheel loader: the must-have

Essential equipment in public works, some manufacturers have specialized in the design of compact articulated or rigid wheel loaders with bucket capacities from 0.5 to 1.5 m3.

Particularly well suited to building and masonry construction activities, these chargers are the flagship products of equipment rental companies.

Codimatra, supplier of used construction equipment in France and throughout the world

Find for sale second-hand as well as for rental wheel loaders from major brands such as: the 988G Caterpillar, 436 HT JCB and the L25F Volvo. Although our fleet is based near Agen in the South West, we sell our second-hand equipment in France but also in many European countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our used spare parts are sent every year to more than 88 countries and we continue to develop our network year after year.

A maximum of information on our used wheel loaders.

In order for you to find the right wheel loader for you, we provide as much information as possible on the product sheet of our machines. You can for example know the power, the number of hours (equivalent to the mileage) of each of our models. We make all brands and types of construction equipment.

Why choose a used wheel loader?

The main argument of the occasion is the much lower price of new. Certainly our machines have already been used in quarries or on many construction sites but still have many hours to spare. This is why we want to be totally transparent about our ads (on our website and on machinery zone) and the status of our products. New represents a significant difference in terms of budget. Our technicians and experts test and control each of the machines made available. Our know-how makes it possible to increase the service life of construction machinery, we also have a TP repair service for your fleet of construction machinery if you wish.

Spare parts and second-hand equipment for wheel loaders

Codimatra offers you a wide range of used spare parts, renovated or in good condition, for the maintenance of your wheel loader. Our new website allows you to find the right tyres for your needs. We also have many equipment such as a selection of GHD buckets but also hydraulic parts such as cylinders. Stay alert, our offer is growing every day thanks to the return of our wheel loaders like a Caterpillar 980 G.

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