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The wheel loader: loading, handling and transportation

Used machines, Wheel loader : 13 machines

The wheel loader is a typical machine; it stands out in all areas of construction jobs.

With the chassis mounted on tires and articulated through a central pivot, with a stretcher parallel arm or beam stretcher equipped with a high dump bucket, it is suitable for loading operations on tippers, semitrailers of a large volume, or the hoppers for cement production for example.

Equipped with XmineD2 tires the wheel loader can worked on rock quarries, allowing the loading of rigid dumpers. Equipped with foam-filled tires and a claw bucket it finds its place in the waste handling for example.

The buckets can reach several dimensions and volume, from 0.5 m3 to 31 m3 1800 mm to over 7000 mm. With a diesel engine up to 1500 hp and an operating weight of 200 tons, the biggest loaders are like their smaller cousins having a 4-wheel drive transmission.

The front and rear axles are fitted with liquid brakes. The Powershift transmission allows the loader to move quickly for bulk load operations.

The wheel loader : the indispensable 

Essential equipment in public works, some manufacturers are specialized in articulated or rigid steer loader production with bucket capacity of 0.5 to 1.5 m3.

It suits particularly well to construction activities and masonry, they are the flagship loaders in equipment rental companies.

Find for sale and rental loader models such as: Caterpillar 988G, 436 HT JCB and Volvo L25F.

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