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Find on this page our available used trailers. For heavier transport equipment, consult our rigid and articulated trucks.

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Trailers : easy to use and perfect for transport

This equipment is simply intended for the transport of materials. It can also be used to transport tools or green waste. You have to look at the length of the box to know the loading volume of the trailer. Many options are available for the trailer such as inflatable or automatic jockey wheels. The jockey wheel allows you to manoeuvre a trailer weighing more than 50 kg. The inflatable jockey wheel is very practical for passing curbs and rocky roads. The automatic jockey wheel has an automatic lifting system designed for the heaviest trailers.

All information on used trailers

On our website and our announcements, you can find a lot of information about the equipment. You can find out, for example, the type of hitch or the condition of the wheels.

Good to know when using a trailer

First of all, you must have a hitch adapted to the vehicle you plan to use. Then do not forget to attach a corresponding license plate to it. Of course, the addition of this trailer will have an effect on the behaviour of your vehicle when driving. For large loads and long journeys, we recommend adding straps to prevent the load from moving (for example, to strap a motorcycle). The trailer can also be covered, you can find different types of tarpaulins (flat, dome or raised) in most large DIY stores. If you have a trailer with an inflatable jockey wheel, provide a compressor, pump and puncture-proof bomb on long trips. As with a bicycle, you can also provide an inner tube. You can also use a sheet metal or wire mesh extension.

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