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Tracks excavator

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The crawler excavator: the earthwork is his job!

The excavator is undoubtedly the most popular construction equipment. Its versatility makes it a machine suitable for all types of work and applications. Designed with a rigid chassis equipped with a track undercarriage, all of its equipment, the hydraulic system, engine and cab are combined on a turret orienting 360 degrees with the steering motor the rotating drive and slewing ring.

The turret, main technical platform of the machine houses the diesel engine, hydraulic reservoir, main hydraulic pump and distributor. In the operator cabin, the control panel is displaced to the right to improve the forward visibility. Joysticks are fixed on the armrests. The pedals serve to steer the machine.

With a straight boom for excavation applications, variable boom is required, for example for laying pipelines. In areas of close work, an offset boom can be mounted, thus allowing working on a wide range of angles relative to the axis of the machine.

The stick is in the end of the boom. It supports the equipment and allows the penetration of the soil and tilting. The short arm is used for mining applications, long arm for lifting or working on a deep excavation, handling arm is used for industrial or port applications.

The crawler excavator: from 950 kg to 1000 tons!

From the start, excavators were fitted with the only one equipment type: the bucket. Today, the excavators can be equipped for every application: earthmoving bucket, trench bucket, banana bucket, PTT bucket, wide bucket, rock bucket, trapezoidal bucket or tilt bucket, all these tools had to be mounted fast and reliable tool change system was born: the quick coupler.

Mechanical or hydraulic quick coupler allows the operator to change equipment of his machine without any effort. So after splitting the rocks with hydraulic hammer, the operator can equip his machine with a bucket to remove the debris.Ultra-versatile crawler excavator is distinguished in demolition jobs with demolition claws, grapple, and concrete crushers. In quarrying, the machine can be equipped with a ripper tooth to replace a dozer with a ripper.

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