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Tracks excavator

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The excavator is undoubtedly the most popular construction equipment. Its versatility makes it a machine suitable for all types of work and applications.

The crawler excavator: earthmoving is his job !

Designed from a rigid chassis, the tracked excavator is equipped with a chain drive, all equipment, hydraulic system, engine and cab are assembled on a 360° swivel turret via the swivel motor, the hydraulic swivel joint and the swivel ring. (...). It is the essential tool for any earthmoving site.

Parts and equipment of the crawler excavator

The turret, the technical platform of the machine, collects the internal combustion engine, hydraulic tank, main hydraulic pump and distributor. In the cab, the dashboard is offset to the right to provide a clear view forward. The manipulators (or joysticks) are attached to the armrests. The lifting beams are used to control the translation reducers.

Equipped with a monobloc boom, for excavation applications, it becomes a variable boom when a long reach is required, for example when laying pipes. In narrow working areas, an offset boom can be installed, allowing work to be done at a variety of angles to the machine axis.

The pendulum is at the end of the boom. It supports the equipment and allows soil penetration and cavage. It is found in short arms for severe extraction applications, long arms for lifting work or to improve digging depth, handling arms for industrial or port sorting applications.

The tracked excavator: ultra versatile

The crawler excavator is a tool carrier from 950 kg to 1,000 tons! The shovels on chains when they were created had only one tool: the bucket. A single tool for dozens of applications: earthmoving bucket, trenched bucket, banana bucket, PTT bucket, cleaning bucket, clearway bucket, rocket bucket, trapezoidal bucket or tilting bucket, faced with all these tools it was necessary to design a fast and reliable tool change system: the quick coupler was born. Hydraulic or mechanical quick coupler, allows the operator with little handling to change the tools of his tracked excavator.

Thus, after splitting the rocks with a BRH, hydraulic rock breaker, the operator can equip his machine with a bucket to load the excavated material. Ultra versatile, the tracked excavator is particularly suitable for demolition work with demolition pliers, sorting pliers, concrete crushers. In quarry operation, equipped with an unrooting tooth, it replaces a bull with a ripper.

The used excavator, a good choice to increase your fleet of construction machinery

Buying a new tracked excavator is a significant cost. Certainly our used excavators have a few hours of use but they remain very productive. Our technicians carry out a thorough check of the machine before broadcasting it on our ads. Systematically, our experts check and test used excavators and provide as much information as possible. We are open to all brands: Liebherr, Caterpillar or Hitachi. With Codimatra, you can get a used excavator from major brands of construction manufacturers at the best price.

Codimatra offers tracked excavators from major brands such as the JCB JS210 LC, Komatsu PC 110, 325D Caterpillar and CX 130 Case for rental and sale.

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