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Crawler Loader

Used machines, Track loader : 4 machines

Like the bulldozer, this machine is also provided with a track undercarriage.


What are the applications of the tracked loader ?

Particularly suitable for difficult work on unstable terrain, the track loader excels in clearing, preparing forest areas, log handling, in metal industry or corrosive products handling and even in waste treatment operations.

The crawler loader : the equipment's diversity 

For earthmoving applications it may be provided with a drop bucket gathering the functions of blade and bucket. Equipped with a rear ripper with multiple short teeth, it splits the ground before the earthworks.

The crawler loader has a diesel engine, attached to a torque converter, the hydrostatic box and two final drives assure the machine movement; Finally the undercarriage is composed of rollers, idlers and a spring that ensure the chain tension.

Being a very specific machine, some manufacturers are specialized in crawler loader production for example, the range 953, 963 973 from Caterpillar, and LR 634 LR624 from Liebherr.

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