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Tandem rollers

Used machines, Tandem rollers : 5 machines

Tandem compactors have two vibrating balls to compact more efficiently. We also have other categories of compactors such as tire compactors.

Used tandem compactors at Codimatra

Although our speciality for 40 years has been second-hand spare parts, we also sell second-hand complete machines such as tandem compactors (or double ball, double cylinder depending on the public works companies). All our products and machines are second-hand, which is why you can find the number of hours, even a picture of the counter on each of our product sheets or the running weight of the machine. All the used compactors we offer are maintained and undergo regular maintenance tests by our technicians before each announcement.

Tandem compactors, for which applications?

With their double vibrating cylinders, they are machines designed for earthmoving or levelling. Used mainly for compacting binder such as asphalt. Asphalt is a mixture of gravel and sand, which is used for the construction of almost all roads or pavements. It is hot laid and cold hardened, it is to keep the heat in that a paver screed is used. Once installed, it can be enjoyed with hand tools or a grader that will be more efficient (for large highways for example). It is at this precise moment that the heavy tandem rollers, which in addition to applying the mass of the roller, can make their balls vibrate thanks to a hydraulic vibration motor. The smallest models of ball compactor can be used for spot repairs or urban works, car parks, bicycle paths...

In french vocabulary, Tandem compactors are Vti for tandem vibrators.

Vi = vibrating

Vmi = single-cylinder vibrating

Vti = Tandem vibrating

Vpi = vibrating padfoot (for compacting more loose soils)

Which parts make up a double ball compactor ?

There are several large parts on a tandem compactor. First, a part containing parts related to engines and hydraulic parts. There is of course the front and rear balls, both of which are connected by a joint to the frame. This joint allows the balls to be steered, to have more amplitude, and to work in offset mode for more surface area and to avoid line formation. Finally, there is the compactor cabin, similar to the cabins of other construction machines, which benefits from a swivel seat and provides comfort to the driver to prevent him from feeling the vibrations of the log too much. The balls are equipped with scrapers and a sprinkler system to clean the balls. To facilitate maintenance, the major brands on the market ensure that all parts are easily accessible from the ground.

Several brands of used tandem compactors at Codimatra !

We buy quality compactors from the leading brands of compaction machinery manufacturers. Like Caterpillar, the American brand of solid construction machinery with a good lifespan. Of course we offer for sale second-hand equipment, compactors of the brand specialized in compaction: Bomag. You can also find Hamm or Amman compactors depending on the availability of our stocks.

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