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Motor scraper

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The scraper or motor scraper is a rare machine on our modern construction site. Poorly versatile, it however particularly suits for levelling work over long distances, such as the constrution of motorway, railway track or large area platform.

The scraper, the ground stripping equipment par excellence

The scraper is actually a dump truck whose body opens to strip layers of soil, then transports and ejects material at the destination point.

This particular operation requires large diesel engines up to 600 hp. When power is still not sufficient, scrapers are equipped with two diesel engines and can be attached to another machine, or a bulldozer comes to push the machine from the behind.

The biggest tyres in the 1960s were intended to be fitted on the Caterpillar 657 scraper model.

Being a very seasonal machine, with a high base cost, most of the time scrapers are used less than 900 hours per year, so smaller and more maneuverable models were created as towed scrapers coupled to a powerful farm tractor.

Find for sale and rental large scraper brands like: Caterpillar 621 G.

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