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Rigid dump truck

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The material transport unit by excellence. Find all our models of rigid dumpers below.

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Rigid, imposing and efficient trucks for transport

More imposing than their articulated neighbours, they are synonymous with productivity thanks to their large capacity dump. On site and in a quarry, they carry tons of heavy loads over a good distance. All this at a good speed (more than 60 km/h maximum on most models). It is called rigid because the dump truck cab and the dumpster are on the same chassis. Large bucket that tilts to the rear thanks to the action of a single or double-acting cylinder, depending on the model.

In which areas and environment is a rigid dump truck used ?

Rigid dump trucks are very useful in mines and quarries (gravel pits, lime...). Their solid skips allow them to transport rocky or more loose and bulky materials. Rigid trucks are also present on earthworks to move previously excavated material. Although it is solid with a powerful motor, do not take too many bad or difficult muddy tracks in which an articulated dump truck will be more suitable, although it is smaller. It is therefore necessary to choose the type of TP equipment according to the terrain.

What spare parts for a rigid truck ?

These construction machines can be 4 or 6 large wheels composed of a tire, a rim and a wheel reducer. Large tires are the most stressed parts of the machine due to the weight of the bulk material, so they must be carefully inspected and maintained. The bucket can have different shapes: V-shaped or flat-bottomed depending on the brands of rigid truck manufacturers such as Caterpillar or Terex (truck division acquired by Volvo).

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