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Pneumatic rollers

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Wheel compactors have two large and staggered sets of tires to compact more surface area. We also have other categories of compactors for sale such as the single drum compactor.

Wheel compactors, for what types of work and soil ?

It is a machine reserved for finishing compaction. It is very useful in the road construction industry to compact the last layer of asphalt. Asphalt is a gravel and sand binder used for the construction of almost all roads or pavements. Tire compactors are the last to be used, after the compaction of a tandem vibrating ball compactor, for example. These compactors exert a weight brought by each wheel and ballast, which compacts the soil by static action.

Several brands of used wheel compactors at Codimatra !

With our equipment business, we bring in many compactors of different types, models and especially of all brands such as Caterpillar.

Used tire compactors for sale at Codimatra

We have many wheel compactors on our fleet of used public works equipment. Consult our compaction ads above. Feel free to contact our dedicated used machine department for more information, photos or videos of the machine on the road.

Which parts make up a wheel compactor ?

There are different large parts on a tire roller. In addition to the essential technical parts such as the internal combustion engine and hydraulic parts. Of course we find the two sets of tires with a part where we can insert ballast. Finally, the manufacturers of wheel compactors have taken on the task of making pneumatic compactors with a large comfortable cab and offering a good visibility on the area to be compacted and ensuring greater safety.

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