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Used machines, Pavers : 1 machine

Pavers are designed to apply asphalt during road or highway construction, but they can also pour concrete. Find below our used pavers available.

What is a paver screed made of ?

At the front of the paver, there is a hopper that holds the material from the truck bodies. Then we find the control station which allows the pilot to regulate the machine with his joysticks. A conveyor that transports materials from the hopper to the adjustment table to apply the mixture. The pavers can be mounted on chains or wheels.

How does a paver work ?

The truck containing the asphalt is glued to the side of the paver's hopper and lifts its bucket to gently pour the bitumen mixture.  Then, the paver operator strives to apply the asphalt evenly (with a constant speed of about 300 m/h), remaining well aligned and adjusting the screed. A heated screed keeps the asphalt warm, otherwise it would take effect directly. Following this, other construction machines finish the work, such as tandem compactors to effectively compact the asphalt or graders for soil adjustment.

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