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Mini excavators on tracks

Used machines, Mini excavators on tracks : 15 machines

The small formats of track excavators, mini track excavators are very successful for urban works and light earthmoving.

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The mini chain excavators, easy to handle, very modern and real tool holders

These lightweight models have nothing to envy to larger excavators, they can use almost the same equipment such as buckets or hydraulic rock breakers. Their small size makes them very pleasant to handle in urban areas or confined spaces, but pay attention to the maximum height of the boom as the collision with a high cable is quick to happen. Mini excavators are relatively new TP equipment in general, which is why these machines take advantage of the latest technologies such as an ergonomic dashboard and custom-made manipulators for professionals. Or air conditioning inside the cabin.

Compact excavators, for what types of work ?

For light earthmoving, the mini excavator is very useful. This public works machine can dig trenches. However, it does not have the same weight so do not expect to dig very deep, but it is estimated that a standard model mini excavator can dig up to 1.5 metres deep. The compact excavator can also backfill and level with the front blade.

For information, the CACES is not mandatory but it is recommended to have the category 1 certificate.

This construction machine is also operational to maintain green spaces, rubber tracks do not damage the ground.

Mini excavator brands at Codimatra !

We offer second-hand mini excavators from all brands such as Yanmar or Komatsu at the best price. Mecalac models with their offset booms and Mecalac hydraulic fasteners. But also compact excavators from the famous American brand Caterpillar (CAT). Finally, depending on availability and stock, we also offer Japanese excavators from Hitachi or Kubota. Consult our mini excavator ads to find your favorite brand or contact our used machinery department, or visit our fleet in southwestern France

What parts are found on mini excavators ?

Mounted on generally rubber chain sets such as the mini loader and equipped with a mini excavator blade at the front, the mini excavator is very versatile. As on a standard excavator, there are smaller sizes of equipment such as a cleaning bucket or an earth moving bucket. We find of course on stick and boom with their respective cylinders. Except on a Mecalac mini excavator where we find more generally offset boom with variable flight. The engine part (diesel) is at the rear and on the side of the mini-excavator cab. The rubber chain set consists of rollers, idlers and sprockets. Some models have a simple canopy.

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