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Lifting platforms

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Are you in handling and do you need to work at a height? Choose a platform lift or find forklifts.

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What are the functions of an aerial work platform ?

The basket, or lifting platform, can be used to elevate personnel so that they can work at a height more easily. This is why many of them are found in large storage areas but also in high-rise construction sites to lift loads. It folds and unfolds at the touch of a button by the operator. For information, it depends on the models but each basket can support at least 2 people. The basket is part of the family of lifting devices.

Different types of aerial work platforms

The nacelles can be self-propelled to allow movement. Some are not limited to vertical movement (nacelles with vertical masts), they can be multidirectional. The maximum height depends on the model, but it is estimated that a lifting platform can go up to 40 meters and support a minimum of 150 kilos and a maximum of 700 kilos for the strongest nacelles. There are articulated, telescopic and scissor and spider nacelles. They are also called PEMP which stands for Mobile People Elevating Platforms.

The most famous brands of aerial work platforms

The brands of aerial work platforms are very different from those of construction machinery. First of all, Haulotte, the world leader in the field of lifting equipment. Another brand (also known for its telescopic handlers), Manitou also manufactures articulated aerial work platforms equipped with Kubota or Lombardini engines.

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