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Codimatra is not only a supplier of spare parts and second-hand equipment for your construction sites. We also provide a wide range of equipment for your excavators and other machines. You will find the buckets and other equipment present on our fleet in our spare part section.

Used excavator equipment

For your excavators and according to their application (demolition, handling) find the following equipment and tools:

Hydraulic rock breaker (BRH)

More commonly known by its acronym BRH or jackhammer, the BRH is mounted on the articulated arm of a backhoe and is used to cut down rock as its name suggests. It can also be used for mining operations or to demolish concrete slabs. It is a real earthmoving and deconstruction tool for your machine. Make sure that there are no gas pipes present when using it. If you have to work near an HRM, we advise you for your safety to wear masks to avoid inhaling any particles from the broken material, and ear protection plugs to reduce noise. They can also be used in civil engineering for urban works during the demolition of sidewalks and other asphalt pavements. The BRH is generally connected to the hydraulic circuit of the excavator or mini excavator. The end that breaks the ground is called the pointerolle. You can view our BRH Franz or Mustang ads.

Sorting and demolition pliers

There are two types of clamps that can be mounted on hydraulic excavators. First, the sorting grapple, also known as a grapple, will be used for handling or sorting operations in a recycling centre, for example. Its function is to grab and rest, generally speaking the most recent grapples can turn on themselves to facilitate the work of the material handler operator. The demolition pliers are more suitable for a demolition shovel because they will crunch the sheet metal. Find our Mustang, Hammer or Rent Demolition pliers.

Vibrating plate for excavator

We sometimes receive vibrating plates for excavators such as the one from Vibropac. They are mounted on excavators, and are used to compact the soil. Very useful for occasional road repairs.

Bulldozer equipment

Although we have a lot of equipment for the excavator, we also have used equipment for bulldozers.


Another earth-moving tool, which is usually mounted on the back of a bulldozer. The ripper, is used to steal the soil. A ripper can be a single tooth (which can be called an unrooting tooth in this case) or several, such as three-tooth rippers. Logically, the fewer teeth there are, the more powerful the ripper is and will be able to sink into the ground. Working with a ripper on requires a bulldozer with a powerful motor. Find for example our ripper of Bulldozer Caterpillar.

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