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Front dumpers are compact dumpers with a front bucket. They are very handy and useful. You can also find our articulated and rigid trucks.

Trucks with front bucket: simple and efficient

This dumper will be your dumper ! Codimatra, a supplier of spare parts, is also a supplier of equipment such as dump trucks, which are specialized in the transport of materials.

Much smaller in size than rigid or articulated, the front wheel dumper is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces and is the best and most suitable for small jobsites. It can transport rocks or move gravel or sand in small volumes. It has an articulated chassis like its big brother the articulated dump truck. This truck is equipped with a removable roll bar to facilitate transport or to move around in confined spaces, it is a real masterpiece. Without tiring, it can move a large load from point A to point B. It can also transport tools to the site. It can transport rubble, household waste and green waste. It is called a front-end dumper or front dump truck because it discharges its bucket from the front. Its use is very simple as soon as you have some experience in driving trucks.

All information on our used front trucks

You can find ads for all our TP equipment including our front dump trucks as well as the year of construction of the equipment. Its power in kw and especially the number of hours on the meter which is also shown in the picture. For more information, you can contact the second-hand machine department directly. We are specialized in second-hand equipment at low prices.

Many brands of front dumpers at Codimatra

Our used machinery service is open to all makes of trucks. Like the famous Thwaites or the Ausa trucks. We also have very handy trucks with canopy from Wacker. Some models are equipped with a gyrabenne. Every day, these mini trucks make it easier for operators to work on urban construction sites. You can also request parts for this type of machine such as wheels or engine.

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