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Compactor with padfoot drum

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Sheep's foot rollers, also known as padfoot rollers, are rollers with special balls with segments (or knives). Find below our used sheep's foot rollers available.

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Two types of sheep's foot rollers

There are two categories of padfoot rollers. There is the compactor with 4 sheep's foot wheels and the compactor with a sheep's foot cylinder and tires. The first one with its 4 toothed wheels is widely used in waste collection centres, its segments are used to crush and bury waste in recycling centres. To properly disperse the waste masses and better compact them, these construction machines are generally equipped with a large blade at the front.  These compactors have a solid frame and a sealed cab to allow work in recycling centres.

The second with a single cylinder is similar to a single drum compactor, except that the ball is padfoot.

The padfoot compactor is used to compact a very particular soil

This public works equipment takes its name from the fact that it reproduces almost the same compaction as a herd of sheep on the ground. Its knives on the log shear the soil to compact it. This cylinder is designed to compact the most loose soils such as clayey sand to make the shape or backfill layer for example. The purpose of this compactor is to ensure ground lift to allow the heaviest vehicles and machines to move without fear. Soil can also be compacted to protect pipes and various networks from bad weather. This type of padfoot compactor will be very useful on soil with fine aggregate. Compaction will improve soil density to avoid the risk of subsidence or machines getting stuck in the mud. A soil is more or less cohesive depending on its moisture content. Since the sheep's foot compactor is the best for dealing with wet soils, it is used when building dams or embankments to compact surfaces.

Second-hand sheep's foot rollers at Codimatra

Codimatra can provide you with many construction machines such as compactors. Contact the second-hand machine department to find out which machines are available or consult the compaction ads directly. For the sheep's foot cylinder, do not hesitate to consult our available deconstructed balls of old compactors.

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