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Compact wheel loaders

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Compact wheel loaders are smaller machines but are all equally efficient, very useful for short work periods.

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Mini-tyre loaders: easy to use and fast

In view of the current problems faced by site managers, machine builders have had to adapt and above all adapt the size of their impressive site machines. And the major public work brands have understood this well, such as JCB, Caterpillar and above all Bobcat. This ease of use is due to the fact that the compact wheel loader is lightweight and the controls respond well to work efficiently in a confined space. The trend towards compact machines is quite recent, which has the advantage of allowing drivers to benefit from the latest innovations and technologies of the respective manufacturers. That's why even without experience, it's easy to find your way around, after a few hours, the lift arm movements are fluid and the vehicle is very manoeuvrable, so it meets the expectations of construction sites in confined spaces.

For which types of work are compact wheel loaders used?

This mini construction machine is very useful in many situations and has proven its versatility. It is very popular for urban constructions, due to its small size which gives it an advantage. They are also found in agriculture, landscaping and road construction.

Several brands of mini wheel loaders

JCB Mini Wheel Loader : Precise and powerful, the latest loaders take advantage of the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the controls and the Ecomax engine, which improves efficiency by reducing pollution.

Bobcat Compact Wheel Loader : A brand well known for its compact models, Bobcats are comfortable and manoeuvrable.

Caterpillar Mini Wheel Loader : An American brand well known for its heavy-duty machines, the compact models are also powerful and carefully designed.                 

The main parts of mini-wheel loaders

This public works machine is composed of 4 tires, a cab or canopy placed between the stretchers of the stretcher. There is a stretcher lifting cylinder. The engine and hydraulic parts are located at the rear of the construction machine. Of course it is possible to equip loading buckets but also forks if necessary to handle pallets.

How do I maintain my used mini loader?

Maintenance is easy because the machine is small in size. Everything can be controlled from the ground by opening the rear cover. Be sure to remove any debris that may get stuck. We advise you never to move with the stretcher raised, regardless of the type of loader. Of course, tires and cylinders are the fastest wearing parts due to overuse.

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