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The bulldozer – one of the most powerful construction machines !

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The track dozer commonly called bulldozer is the result of an agricultural tractor evolution adding a pushing blade. The bulldozers are used for earthmoving operations, leveling, sloping. The blade is adapted for the job: straight blade, tilt blade, VPAT© blade.

The bulldozer: The most essential earthmoving machine with blade

The bulldozer equipment is operated by hydraulic cylinders. Equipping the dozer with a rear ripper allows splitting the soil by plowing or for rock removal.

Dozer power can vary from 90 to more than 900 hp for the biggest ones with diesel engines with 4 or 6 cylinders or a V8. Because of its track undercarriage, this machine is able to operate on all types of terrain: rocky if the undercarriage is reinforced, loose or boggy - then it is equipped with a LGP © undercarriage, this applies a low pressure on the ground.

Powershift © gearbox equipped bulldozer is able to maneuver as fast forward as reverse, thus improving its productivity. Having no steering wheel, the cabin is placed in the center of the chassis; steering maneuvers are operated with joysticks connected to the hydraulic valve.

The bulldozer : a wide field of application

For dozers working under difficult conditions, some manufacturers raised the final drive protecting gear sprockets and ensuring mechanical roller cleaning.

In some applications dozer is used as auxiliary pusher in particular behind the scraper. For waste treatment applications, specific shields and radiator shielding come protect the coolant circuit, the muffler and transmission.

Codimatra rents and sells big construction machinery brands like bulldozers CATERPILLAR D6N LGP D6H XL or the LIEBHERR 721, KOMATSU D61 and D65. Codimatra has a wide range of used and remanufactured spare parts for the maintenance of your bulldozer.

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