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Articulated wheel loader

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Articulated wheel loaders are loaders that have almost the same articulation system as articulated dumpers, find in this category all articulated loaders. We also have a category of wheel loaders.

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The advantages of an articulated wheel loader

As a standard, the loader is mounted on a simple chassis with two axles whose ends accommodate wheel, rim and tyre reducers. The articulated loader is opposed to directional loaders. Nowadays, the wheel loaders produced are all articulated to cope with the hazards of the terrain. Moguls, hollows, small slopes it is not uncommon in a quarry environment or uncompacted soils to need articulated loaders. Like the articulated dump truck, this makes it possible to be more mobile, loaded or not, it increases the productivity of the machine and allows to absorb shocks a little better. The only downside to this development is that the joint can break unlike a stronger directional loader. You can find old Caterpillar unbreakable directional wheel loaders. The addition of the articulation has benefited Volvo in the wheel loader market, already known for its articulated trucks, it was logical that the Swedish company should also design high-performance articulated wheel loaders. Another boon for articulated loader manufacturers is the development of urban works or in confined spaces where the loader's articulation is almost essential.

The characteristics of the ideal articulated wheel loader

If you are a public works professional, here are the features we recommend you look for on a charger. It must be versatile if you want to use it for different applications, it will also depend on its equipment, to load the bucket from a high dump truck, GHD buckets (high dump) will be more suitable. It must be accurate and handy to be used effectively by the operator.

The different brands of articulated wheel loaders

Many brands have designed and are designing articulated wheel loaders that you can find here at our store at the used price. Of course, there are Volvo loaders and articulation experts. Doosan, quite imposing and with a powerful hydraulic system. Yanmar, more compact and adapted. Contact our Used Machines department to find out which machines are available as soon as they arrive. We often receive Caterpillar or Liebherr.

Articulated wheel loaders for different applications

You can use an articulated wheel loader to move piles of material. This construction machine is ideal for forming a slope. He can also backfill trenches efficiently. You can also use this machine for landscaping, moving heavy loads or piles of small woods. The addition of a nacelle is rare but possible because heavy-duty models can climb quite high thanks to the extension of their arm and the arm lift cylinder. In the latter case, make sure that your loader is on a stable surface and that the environment is safe.

Which tonnages of articulated wheel loaders to choose?

Need a more compact charger for urban work ? A good 5-ton Yanmar V8 will do. Do you work in a quarry or mine ? A large loader over 25 tons will be very productive and solid.

Need parts for your articulated wheel loader?

Find useful parts for wheel loaders:

Lift arm
Arm lift cylinder
Articulation cylinders

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